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Test 3 chapters 8-10 is on tuesday and lab 8 reminders

October 25, 2014

Lab 8 : Pages to turn in

Turn in Pages 95-98, but don’t fill in activity C Tables on page 95 – instead turn in pages 89/90 with your data.  Also pag 101 – fill in the table and answer questions 1 and 2.

Exam 3 quick review was posted yesterday in  post below.   Note that there will be a part 2 of exam that will have fill-in questions (see the quick review for help – the clue?  it says fill-in)

Exam 3 Quick review is ready

October 25, 2014

Here is your quick review for exam 3:  exam 3 quick review fall 2014 (it is 4 pages)

Lecture quiz planned for Tuesday will be moved to Thursday 10/23

October 18, 2014

I was thinking about your quiz for chapter 9 (inheritance) and how it may be too much too soon.  Let’s make sure that we complete the chapter before we take the quiz.  I have made the decision to move it to thursday 10/23.

The exam (exam 3) will be on 10/28 and will cover chapters 8-10 only (Ch 13 we decided will be tested at a later time and will count for 25% of the exam 3 grade or 25 points).

Also I have been checking attendance in lab and  lecture based on quizzes taken/missed.  We have been advised to exclude students based on the number of class hours per week; and in my case I may exclude a student who miss more than 6 hours of class time (4 missed class periods).  Several students are beginning to miss multiple classes and I must advise you to be careful in missing more lecture or labs.  I will be asked to participate in this secondary exclusion very soon and will do so based on attendance.


October 18, 2014

Here are your current grades: Grades 10:17fall 2014

Lecture quiz Ch 8 on this Thursday 10/16

October 15, 2014

Just a reminder that this thursday we have a lecture quiz on chapter 8.

We still may shift the lecture quiz on chapter 9 back – not sure yet and possibly exam 3 part I ( Ch 8-10) to 10/28.  Let’s talk on Thursday!

Reminder : Lecture quiz chapter 10 on Tuesday 10/14

October 10, 2014

Print your study guides for chapter 10 (there are 2 separate files; one for ch 10 parts 1 & 2 and another for ch 10 part 3) to study for the lecture quiz on Tuesday.

Use the lecture study guide for part 1 and 2 to study for your lab quiz on Monday.

Noe : I just posted the chapter 10 part 3 and ch 8 study guides today.

Exam 2 Quick Review ready

October 3, 2014

Here is the Exam 2 Quick Review:  exam 2 quick review fall 2014

Please let me know by direct email, not the blog,  if you are unable to download (a few students generally have an issue) and I will email it to you.


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