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Lab 3 : what needs to be completed?

September 19, 2014

For lab 3 (pg 41-45) do the following activities:

A, B, D (reading has the answer: describe three differences ; the compound mic.  is this…, while the dissecting mic. is this…), E, F, an H.

I (activity I) we can do for extra-credit: look up  the bacteria specimens on page 45 on-line and draw them in the space provided;  not their shape and how organized (read the lab book starting on pg. 37: lab 3 part 2).  I will give you two weeks to turn this in.

Updated Ch 5 part I (A) ppt notes and Ch 6 ppt notes

September 17, 2014

I updated the ch5 part I (A) ppt slides as a complete set of notes; so please print this if you  had not previously printed the original notes that I had posted.

For those that had printed the original ch 5 part I (A) ppt notes, I mentioned in class that I had updated the last several slides.  So I also posted just the last 5 updated slides ( so don’t reprint the whole thing over again).

You will find both of these under the ppt post for chapter 5.  Please note also that there is a chapter 5 part II (B) and I have also posted ch6 ppt notes and study guide.


My SSD students: schedule your exam with the SSD office ASAP

September 17, 2014

My SSD students:  you need to schedule your exam with the SSD office.  Please verify the time at which you will be taking it – it should be scheduled for Tuesday the 23rd.

Exam 1 has been moved to Tuesday 9/23

September 17, 2014

So this thursday we will continue with lecture on ch 5 and then chapter 6 – cellular respiration.

I will add ch 6 to post either later today or tomorrow and also the revised 3 slides for chapter 5.

Student’s asked if they could still turn in lab extra-credit for lab 1 (snail) and lab 2.  The answer is yes, but by thursday and it will be worth less points.

Lecture quiz 3 will be pushed back to thursday 9/25 or to the next tuesday 9/30.

My SSD students:  you need to schedule your exam with the SSD office.  Please verify the time at which you will be taking it – it should be scheduled for Tuesday the 23rd.

Exam 1 this Thursday on Chapters 1-4 : here is a quick review

September 13, 2014

On Monday we have our first lab quiz 1 (lab 1) – see lab quiz 1 study guide in lab post

On Tuesday we have a quiz in lecture (lecture quiz 2):  It will cover ch 2 from polar covalent bonds, ch3 and a little of Ch 4 ( just function of RER, SER, and Golgi & structure of cell membrane- we talked about it/ but did not view specific slides – so look it up on your ppt slides).

Here is a little help for lecture quiz 2:  pH reading of —-, means —–; bonds of a single water molecule; properties of water (cohesion, frozen water); functional groups (from ppt slide); Hydrolysis and dehydration reactions; proteins structure and what it is sensitive to; monomers of biological molecules; general characteristics of lipids and types; Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids; Identify true and false statements regarding fats, oils, and trans fats; What type of lipid is cholesterol?  Identify a polysaccharide (cellulose, starch, glycogen- for these know function and where find) versus disaccharides (sucrose)  versus monosaccharides (glucose); role of RER,SER, and Golgi); molecular formula of glucose.  Lecture quiz 2 review (note:  this a word doc. of this info)

On Thursday we have exam 1 on chapters 1-4:  I have provided you a quick review.  I have made it based on the actual exam I have made.  In addition to the scantron test, there will be a fill-in the blank/matching section that is just like the one I posted in the ppt notes post.  There will also be an extra-credit section worth lots of free points and I have the exact questions in the quick review ( at the end).

Here is the quick review for exam 1:Exam 1 quick review fall 2014




What is due on Monday?

September 12, 2014

1- your lab 1 answer sheet (which includes the comprehension check) with your group number on the first page ( i.e. small snail group 1= S 1)

2-  attach your group data to the back of your lab 1 answer sheet

3- your lab 2 part 1 answer sheet for extra-credit

4 – your write up on garden snails (taxonomic classification and 10 facts on their anatomical structure) for extra-credit


Another note:  Remember that when you answer comprehension check questions 4-6 it based on the class data, not your group data (look at your graph to answer).  The hypothesis questions are based on what you stated as your hypothesis in activity B (where you state your hypothesis and  your proposed experiment).


September 12, 2014

Updated 9/17

Here for your grades:

Grades fall 2014 9:17

Email me if you forgot your ID#.


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