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Material covered this week

April 26, 2015

In lab, we will finish lecturing on the last few slides of ch 16 plants and then will cover ch 28 (plant structure).

In lecture we will go back to ch 15 part I ( prokaryotes)

On Thursday we have our lecture 3 quiz.  You will need a large scantron.  Don’t be late!!!!!

On Thursday we will lecture on Animals (ch 17).

Updated Lecture Quiz 3

April 26, 2015

Here it is.  You will notice that the chapter 9 study guide questions are #’s 27-29.  Otherwise it is identical to the first study guide I posted.

studyguide lecture quiz 3 sp 2015


Preliminary study guide for lecture quiz 3

April 26, 2015

Here is a preliminary study guide for your quiz on Thursday.  It is missing ch 9 material.  I will update it on Sunday night.

studyguide lecture quiz 3 sp 2015

REMINDER: bring protist worksheets to lab on Tuesday

April 20, 2015

They are both in the lecture ppt and study guide post.


April 17, 2015

I have updated the grades to include 15 pts for lab 7 quiz.

Some will notice a correction to their exam 2 grades ( the scantron for one version of the exam was wrong for one question)

I have input late quizzes.

I still need to grade lab 7 this weekend.

In lecture on Tuesday we discussed extra-credit genetics problems from lab 8.  They will be do on Tuesday April 28th.

Current Grades: 1160 grades 4:16:2015

I reposted Lab Quiz 9 study guide

April 17, 2015

In the Lab Post I deleted the first study guide for lab  quiz 9 and replaced it with a shorter version (it covers activity A, but not B).

PRINT 2 Worksheets for Tuesday

April 15, 2015

I posted ch 15 ppt slides as part I and II; and also two worksheets were posted that you need to print and bring to lab/class on Tuesday.


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